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Plannatech was first incorporated in the UK in 2015. As one of the fastest growing tech hubs and a jump off point to the rest of Europe, the UK was an ideal jurisdiction to begin our operations from.

To expand the company´s global reach and licensing of products and services, Plannatech further expanded by applying for and receiving a Network Services Operator license granted by Isle of Man.

In 2019, the Company began a Business transformation, which has continued into 2023 and has also given us the opportunity to bring on board a global brand in the industry as our first major B2B Client. As we continue the beginning of our journey, we are focused on strengthening our products and services with “best in the industry” providers, strategic partners, while increasing and enhancing each Clients, customer´s experience through the introduction of digitalization, Neural networks and deep learning development. This, combined within our already developed proprietary ecosystem, technical excellence, means that we are quickly on our way to becoming a global contender in the tech market.


Rob Haycox

Rob has been working for more than 30 years in technology, in varying business sectors. His career started in the banking industry in London in the late 1990’s, then moved to Canada, where he continued working on high profile projects in the mining industry during the early 2000’s. In 2007 he started his own tech consulting business and in 2010 he worked with the Olympic Broadcasting Committee as Director of technology, for the Winter Olympics. Rob’s flair and passion for adventure and success through his contacts in Vancouver, gave him the opportunity to work in Costa Rica, where for the past 13 years has been consulting in the online technology sector where his efforts have seen him transform business units to be more productive and agile, whilst streamlining operations and making them more efficient to maximize profitability. During this time Rob has successfully licensed operations in the United Kingdom and the lsle of Man.


Adam Bjorn

Adam joined the team at Plannatech on the back of 25 years of experience in the tech industry. He caught the attention of the Plannatech team, eager to use his industry know-how and hands on experience with the platform. He oversees the growth and development of entry into new jurisdictions, as well as assisting in maintaining

He has also been instrumental in helping guide the Company in becoming compliant and in driving aspects of technology development, to help improve our product offerings and our problem-solving tools for consumers.

State-of-the-Art Speed

Our platform architecture is designed so as to be horizontally scalable to add additional servers, services, and the like, to respond to clients’ needs.

Retail and Omni Channel

Plannatech offers an integral technology solution through its centralized Terminal Management System (TMS). This system provides customers with a seamless experience across all channels: Mobile, Online, Retail and Self-Service Retail.

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Fast and Secure Platform

Plannatech utilizes separate ISPs, balanced by a US-based web infrastructure which is secured by CloudFlare. Plannatech’s network architecture employs multiple firewalls, balancers, database servers and web servers to provide maximum redundancy and eliminate unplanned outages.

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Cashier services

Plannatech´s innovative and proprietary cashier comes complete with an architecture that is secure and scalable. It features a customizable UI/UX, supporting multiple currencies and languages, database replication and multi-server loaded configurations. It offers real-time visualization of approval rates, along with multiple integrated KYC/AML services, to comply with different jurisdictions and regulations.

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Security Services

Our security experts have specialized in the technology sector for over 15 years. Our team proactively works to ensure your operation meets every security challenge to shield all channels of your operation while meeting all regulatory requirements. Our Secure Operations Center (SOC) analyzes incidents to protect your systems from unauthorized access 24/7.

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